First Kickoff Video

We were given the opportunity to flex our acting skills for the anxiety filled kickoff video for FIRST's reveal of FTC Season Freight Frenzy. This was such a memorable experience, getting to see how a video was made professionally, and we had an amazing time with both the cast and crew even though it was a timely 12 hour shoot. 

Eruption Evacuation 

The biggest event of the season that we orchestrated, a mimic of the FTC season game, Eruption Evacuation. Pitting together children from fifth grade to 8th grade to make robots that competes for the coveted title of first place, attempting to win the trophy that accompanies the tittle. This was a thrilling experience for both the students and the club members since it tasked the students STEM knowledge and problem solving skills as well as our ability to give our knowledge of executing designs. This summer camp was so massive that we had to split it into two sessions, both being completely full, surpassing our expectations. We had some familiar faces from our past outreaches and summer classes, this all and all was a delightful experience to both entities. 

Demonstration to

We went to (schools name) to show them our robots and the current season, the elementary students seemed thrilled to see 7571's and 13406's robots in action. In order to give them a taste of the action we allowed students to drive the robots, arguably the most interesting part of testing. Although the robots that were driven by the students were shy from the team bots, they still had a good time. 

Dartmouth Middle School Demonstration

When we went to our middle school the experience was reinvigorating, able to experience our first start in the FIRST ecosystem once again with our local FLL team. We were able to demonstrate what would be the next step in the STEM field via the school system and FIRST, which was FTC at Dartmouth High School. We gave eighth grade students insight on to what to expect to accomplish as a high schooler in teams 13406 and 7571, the complexities and delights of FTC.

Demonstration to 

We visited another of our towns elementary school called (schools name) as our third outreach for this season, hosting a total of three fifth grade classes, by far our biggest outreach of the season. It went extraordinarily well, although we wished we had a bigger time slot to give each student a chance to drive the bots, but still all the children present had a notably great time seeing and driving the robots.